World Cup PC Interface 14mm 2021

World Cup PC Interface 14mm 2021
Märke: Marker
Artikelnummer: 2022R1.SS
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World Cup PC Interface 14mm MEN 2021 - Markers most powerful interface - designed for elite racers and the most aggressive skiers. World Cup proven technology. The hydraulic piston controls and manages the ski rebound and counter-flex, providing exceptional control in the most demanding conditions. Turn initiation is quick and precise. Edge hold is rock solid. This Marker plate is suitable for all disciples and any flat deck ski such as the Volkl FIS adult skis. The WC Piston Interface from Marker allows more mounting and tuning options than ever. The 5mm lower interface offers middle or heel fixation, gliding and/or fixed bushings, adjustable front spacers and a duck stance option. Stand Height Toe: 16 mm / Stand Height Heel: 14 mm / Sole Length 260 - 362mm


Färg Black
Technology The inner life of the World Cup Plate. A hydraulic oil piston enables sensational performance on the race track. The piston only reacts to negative backward swings and knocks. This noticeably improves the turn initiation, increases the edge grip and allows swings to be controlled more precisely.
Special Features Duck Stance Option, Adjustable Front Spacers, Gliding/Fixed Bushings, Stand Height Toe: 16 mm / Stand Height Heel: 14 mm, Adjustable Sole Length 260 - 362mm

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